Bridal Abaya - Salampalestine
Bridal Abaya - Salampalestine

Dalila's Abaya

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Dalila's White Abaya with Original Saya.

Saya is a Syrian fabric richly textured in silky colors, often threaded with gold and silver colored threads, and with a quality that sometimes makes them seem to shimmer in the light. Available in all sizes and colors.

Why choose us?


A Palestinian social enterprise that creates hand-embroidered clothing while aiming to preserve our Palestinian arts and crafts heritage.


Is the art of creating decorative designs on fabric using needle and thread, and occasionally with objects like shells or beads. The earliest extant examples of Palestinian embroidery can be found on dresses dating back to the 1840s.


Salam is a reference to spreading peace through embroidered designs and raising awareness about the Palestinian heritage and
its symbols.