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The name Salam is a reference to spreading peace through embroidered designs and raising awareness about the Palestinian heritage and its symbols.

Our Responsibility

Our Social Responsibility SALAM designs are made by Palestinian women working in the embroidery sector, specifically women living in marginalized villages and areas.

Sitti Jamilah’s Corner

A platform that showcases women’s artwork and embroideries, from whom we do not take a commission. These crafts will be chosen based on  high standards to encourage the women to be creative. - Some designs will be named after female Palestinian role models who have contributed to Palestinian society, in order to raise awareness on the important role of women in building communities.

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A Palestinian social enterprise that creates hand-embroidered clothing while aiming to preserve our Palestinian arts and crafts heritage

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Is the art of creating decorative designs on fabric using needle and thread, and occasionally with objects like shells or beads. The earliest extant examples of Palestinian embroidery can be found on dresses dating back to the 1840s.

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